Welcome to Weird Woods, an artist’s space, showing at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

With 36 years presence at the Market, find us there many days of the week.View samples and styles of our work on this site or visit us there!

About Weird Woods

Weird Woods is boxes… made of a single piece of wood, often rare, exotic or special just for it’s grain and texture, sanded to the smoothest finish, oiled, waxed and polished to a fine sheen, and a fine display of the artistry of Nature.

We often work with burls, but for whatever your taste, please view our galleries for a variety and sampling of prior work, and to have an idea how to choose your own.

Contact Us

Use the info below to reach us or feel free to stop by the Market to see us.
Email in advance to ask our Market schedule or to contact us about orders.


View our three galleries.  The first is beautiful but more common woods, moving along to the second and third galleries of rarer or more collectible woods.

Have an idea of whether you like smooth or rough textures, light or dark woods.

Copy a couple of the images of your favorite boxes from the galleries and email us, and we can send images of our current available selections, and help you find a WeirdWoods box for you.

Weird Woods
1916 Pike Pl. #155
Seattle, WA 98101

E: kris@weirdwoods.com