Exhibiting in Seattle, WA @ Pike Place Market - weekly





Kris Sacksteder

Kris, when asked about his Art, usually says that it's his dance with Mother Nature, and while I agree, I also find myself attempting to clarify from what I have seen of his life that he manages to find patterns and relationships in everything he does.... as he travels to Pike Place Market weekly, meets with those who happen to stop by, and generally finds harmony without much effort, especially within the hidden grains and textures of wood soon to become a "bit more" in his nearby shop.

I also believe there's some magic that comes to him from life in the charmed Northwest. Maybe inspiration came even earlier in life from his deep Chicagoan roots. But, from wherever comes this Art that I so shamelessly declare, stop by one of his shows and see for yourself what you find. I imagine good conversation, beauty, and special artistry to be virtually guaranteed.

- from the Webmaster, and obvious friend -


contact: kris@weirdwoods.com